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Snowden Vineyards

The Snowden Wine Club

Share in the journey as we pursue our commitment to our land, its vineyards, and the terroir-driven wines they produce.


Join our entry tier and six bottles will be shipped each fall and six each spring, including our select vineyard designate bottlings. Members receive 15% off club shipments and most other wine purchases.

Join our premium tier and receive twelve bottle shipments in the fall and spring, plus two magnums in the winter.  The wines include our regular releases, as well as small lot, limited release offerings. Members receive 20% off club shipments and most other wine purchases.


Join the Family

In 1955 the Snowden family purchased our 160 acre ranch on the east side of the Napa valley where wine grapes have been grown since the property was first homesteaded in 1878.  The ranch lies a few hundred yards east of the Rutherford and St. Helena appellations, two miles south of the Howell Mountain appellation, and a mile north of Pritchard Hill.  We use organic farming practices in our 23 acres of vineyard and have preserved the rest of the property as natural woodland.  

Our connection to this wild and lovely property carries over to our wines, which we produce with the goal of sharing our site, the classic varietals we grow, and the intriguing variations of each successive vintage.  Our winemaking approach is classic – we believe the vineyards produce the wines and our job is to bring them to bottle as naturally and with as little intervention as possible.  We do not engineer or over-extract our wines – we pick at moderate sugars and ferment dry -- which leaves enough room to “get inside” the wines and experience not just their character, but also their finesse and nuance.

We enjoy our wines most when we are sharing them with family, friends, and community.  In that spirit, we invite you to become a part of the Snowden community by joining our Wine Club.  Membership ensures your access to all of our wines, including small lot wines which will never go into commercial distribution.  Our members receive special pricing on most wines purchased, invitations to our annual summer party at the ranch each summer (these days scheduled before harvest to make sure the vineyard crew can come), plus other special events here in the Napa Valley and across the country.  

Please join us as we continue to explore our site and discover the wines it is capable of producing.