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Snowden Vineyards

Returns & Cancellations

If you purchase a bottle of Snowden wine through our website which arrived flawed, damaged, or otherwise unsatisfactory -- first, please accept our apologies. Second, please do not drink it -- replace the cork and contact us by email at or by calling 707-963-4292.

For problems other than damage to the wine during shipping, we will replace the wine or issue a refund, as you select. Refund may be conditioned on your returning the defective bottle to us -- if we request return, we will pay the cost of shipping. Return will give us the opportunity to analyze the wine to determine the cause of the defect.

For wine damaged during shipping, please contact us to discuss the problem. The risk of damage to wine during shipment falls on the purchaser. That said, our goal is to get our wines, undamaged, into the hands of people who will enjoy and share them, so please call if your shipment doesn't arrive safely.

By law, we cannot accept return shipments of wines that have been ordered in error